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a reference laboratory.'’ An organism subsequently recovered
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gives complete laking will be found to do so with a still smaller dose
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work has, according to his own statement, preyed very
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at times, chronic cases, as in lung disease, and animals get into a
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DOZ. S8.00, 5 PTS. $2.75, GALS. tS4.00. MADE IN DES MOINES, lOWA
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been ill for the two weeks in the month when his presence was
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lished, the following physicians were among the officials of public health and sani-
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for unless many patients are being treated at the same time there
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Laverans, and a host of others, both in Europe and America,
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by his boarding-mistress, at ten minutes past twelve.
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washed and rubbed with salt, and then tightly bandaged to
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to destroy the virus of rabies : Lemon juice, creolin, ferric per-
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— General symptoms : Disturbance of the Digestive Functions : tendency
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solid tumour, irreducible, excessively painful, and with no
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fer of this work or any part of it to the proposed Department or
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as on the male side, phthisis seems to decline with age, being, for
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inclined than I once was to the opinion that the disease which
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amaurosis, paralysis of the optic nerve ; paralysis of the
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Copy for classified advertisements should be received not later than first of the month preceding issue. All
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the more frequent use of (he catheter. This was the beginning of a
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Union and one of the oldest states, has Vnade no change in its
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lodion flask. The curves show, as pointed out in a preceding publi-
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that time, and for nearly twenty years, we only hear of scattered and
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nervous diseases, tend to thinness of body, and therefore all