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finger of her left hand, also lubricated, ascertains the entrance to the
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remains passive, while the immunity-conferring substances are applied
In physical exercise all the functions of the body are engaged ; the
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cation. A worthy practitioner in my neighborhood, having been coo-
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It is a mere white speck, the form of which even cannot be made out.
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2. Sex. — The male sex appears, from the number of cases admitted
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finger-tips, or whole hand. It might well be included as a modified form
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days previous to inoculation, with the result that sugar showed itself in
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blasts are in greatest abundance. At a later stage, in regions more remote
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other diseases of the eye, in which vision is materially and permanently
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infection must be almost ubiquitous, and accordingly the exclusive im-
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ments have been varied and multiplied almost indefinitely, to prove the
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vol. 11. — 4. Collins, Treacher. Transactions of the Ophthalniological Society \895,
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cliffe. A series of clinical examinations of the blood before and after
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writes on subjects of the highest importance to all classes of people, and
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cholera bacillus, in fact, grows in the foul soil, is now and again
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fracture of the femur was noticed suppurating nearly a month after the
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The mental condition we have already noticed. Extreme restlessness
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invariably be done before the electrode is allowed to touch the patient,
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many cases high irritation of the genital apparatus coinciding with
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the pre-existing cells of the tissue, and that none of them are derived
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Poland and Hulke. Holmes' System of Surgery, 1882. — 21. Rose. Pitha u. Billroth
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doubt that it is so sometimes, as virulent forms of other infectious
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was the same as that of the other cases which I have mentioned. This
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pathogenetic. Examples of this are mentioned by Koger, who has shown
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system exercises some direct influence upon the inflammatory process.
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the depth of the colonies, the number of the colonies, the presence of
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lymphatic, of the primary growth : in the case of " rodent ulcer "
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breaches of continuity in the orenital tract, such as lacerations of the
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phrenologists, the annals of surgery would afford, it is supposed, some
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arterio-sclerosis it is contra-indicated ; so also is it certainly in cases of
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veyance of the poison of such zymotic diseases as scarlet fever or
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yond the limits of the meatus, and is exposed to the influence of the
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ness in the thumb of the left hand, have disappeared ; for the last eight
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attacks a slop diet is advisable, and alcohol should be withheld. It is
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malaise, restlessness, insomnia, apprehension of impending evil, precor-
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away the skin from the edge, and allowing air to enter.
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sometimes a second or even a third relapse ; mortality small, but occasion-
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oughly irrigated. If the cause be a wound of one of the large serous
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BoTTEY, F. Traite d'Hydrothirapie. Paris, 1895.— 3. Brand, Ernst. Die Wasser-
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marked tenderness in passing the catheter must be reported, as it may
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the dead bodies of the bacteria — that is, the protoplasmic substances or
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qjtement, I considered the sensorium somewhat affected. He died in