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mouth. Anesthesia was induced in less than a minute, and the parts

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a process of transformation or metamorphosis, and converts them into

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purulent meningitis, probably septic from acute caries of the whole

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one of mucocele of the right frontal sinus. Through a skin

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notable changes of temperature experienced by the people

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Nor is the disease limited to decks below ; we have seen

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physician appears generally as a "handsome man."^^* During

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are suspended. There -are no placental cords, the whole placenta seem-

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which, were it in operation, would go far to complete the confederation

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effected by forceps. The patient made a good recovery,

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over long distances to salubrious rural localities by means of articles of

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extrusion into the medium of bacterial substance during the life

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serum, or better still, with some of the same animal's blood serum, it

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The exploration in the majority of this group is difficult to give. A local

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The School of Nursing of the Osteopathic Hospital of Philadelphia has come to

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she complained of the state of the urine, which still continued

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colonies per cc. There was a satisfactory increase in agglutinins following the

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cortical portion of a kidney in an advanced stage of contraction. (Colberg. )

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ment. He had gotten books written by scientific men on the subject. He told

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pregnancy and nursing. The thinner and more permeable the covering the

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of loss of cud (appetite) before we prescribe red herrings, etc. ?

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With the results of the earher work before us, keeping in mind the

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tion. But the discussion on moral insanity was only inci-

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fortable. besid< receiving such treatment medically as

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presence of gas in the blood, our results being confirmed a year later by P.

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0 reduce crossmatching; this resulted in a decrease in outdating of

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