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itself as an alarming monoplegia, or distinct hemiplegia, lasting a few

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be trained over such a period that all the advantages gained from

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ences with fractures at the base of the skull. Hemor-

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true character of the infecting micro-organism, should be definitely

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and acted on by inspiration. Its further enlargement must then

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affecting the mind. That has opened up quite a wide field


more frequently occur. I have been shown a case with ulceration, con-

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on the average twenty times in the twenty-four hours, causing

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will serve as a good conductor, with another electrode, the two elec-

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the ethmoidal bulla and the anterior group of cells; pus flowed freely.

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cancerous diffusion such that it should preclude the possibility of any

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remove it, it leaves behind a raw bleeding surface. In the later stages

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Kristine Bostrom, Carol Dinkelacker, Clare Siu, Carol

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and that sorrow is nearer to the universal purpose than

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most necessary member, and happily the problem was solved

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of Voltaire concerning Gil Bias, I must now spend a

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and examination are important to prevent the tragedy of

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fiber. It is not essentially a syphilitic process. We have here

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chase and transit of stock. The insertion of such proc-

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A case is related from the Madras Monthly Journal of Medical Sctencet^ in

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But there are still many who deny its utility, — not in cases of syphi-

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natural that a similar procedure should be followed in the search for an etiological

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tures, and the median and ulnar nerves were imbedded

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prestige of the degrees of the Scottish Universities. This, of

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Eousso. — The flowers of this plant are brought from

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