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able. Yet how often this is done, and what a singular phase of human nature

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be withdrawn entirely from the breeding stud. He will

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by means of leeches. For three days he had many returns of

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account of its originality, and from the fact that it

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ticipant in the proceedings of the same Section : and Dr.

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r.edical studies. In the session of 1850-51, when the late

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of the pyrexial period, which made it difficult to administer the

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lack of blood analyses ; the latter may sometimes be necessary for this

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sis. Isolated Finger Paralysis. By William Browning, M.D.,

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11. The constitutional affection of the bones is the least

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. broth culture of diplococcus from Hei-inau vieningitis stock

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fused to take any. The blister that had, in the first attack,

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contains secondary nodules, seldom to be recognised

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upon the muscular structures, and the latter upon the nerve

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upon the composition of the blood, ought we not perhaps to see in

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dinia, for united Italy, and for mankind. But he died before

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of sedatives, lest they should check the secretions, destroy the

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rectal operations. Beach, \V. M., 66; a typical operation for the

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The sequelae of acromegaly, including disfigurement,

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nection with the bulbar center, the vasoconstrictor

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provided we bear in mind that it is a catarrh. We treat it on

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nerves may contribute much to the formation of gastritis. Everyone

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operating table, he went to another building to seek a young businessman who

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elderly: Diagnosis and management. Geriatrics 1990; 45:57-62, 65

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while in other cases, more advanced, there has been