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active or passive. There are two modern theories which

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chical, and that there is no pathological lesion to

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old. Rapid recovery. One month after, during very hot

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thrust into the substance of the bone. On pressing to-

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that had died from the disease. Similar results have followed a

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opinion as to the value of cryoscopy, until to-day its limitations are

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take 9 gallons of molasses and add it to each hogshead or pickle, constantly stirring

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from lips now dead and sealed. The jury'n coiicliHiouM

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the seat of secondary malignant growths, but operation

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examined. The number of cases at our command will not justify

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the trouble to inform themselves of what was already

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to make a sudden start, nor should the reins be jerked.

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indarated tubercles, which Dr. Dutoit regarded as advantageous, since these

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the others, however, the sputum was examined and the predominant

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guards and set screws. Fly wheels and emery wheels should

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Professor of Anatomy in the University of Aberdeen.

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composed of unilocular vesicles, perfectly colorless and trans-

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relegation of Materia Medica to the fourth winter, after Pathology has

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In those cases where there is but little evidence of dis-

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and had to use such as I could procure at this place. I

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material as you wrap it. This man, whose name was Way

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"The very name of the disease (inflammatory fever) indicates

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She had been taking i< dide of potash, but whether or no

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ment of the nasal tip, which was somewhat globular in shape.

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more pain or throbbing when the arm is dependent. January 2 : From to-day

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cal region. In making a gastro-enterostomy, it is important, for the

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adhesions, when it was found that the wound in the groin led

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contact with new disease germs. We all know how high the

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emotional life. Fear inhibits. Faith stimulates. Cannon has

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evident source of poisoning, were known to have been