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in different individuals. It has been observed, for example, by Pavlov

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compels the patient to occupy certain positions, in which these

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first in smaller quantity, known as exosmoda. Now, this is

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in these foetuses might subsequently be absorbed to a

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tary aids to the image-forming capacities of the lens. But

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Special," operated by the Southern Pacific in connection with

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large class of insane persons without certificate ; even the retm'ns

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this experiment, that I have had no case of vomiting when

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acknowledged fact the lead of flying darts becoming so heated as

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perforations of gut and mesentery along the 6 feet exposed. The

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friends, in clubs which are introduetories to intemperance and

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as his method of noting the pressure alterations was a very bad

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passed for years by catheter, then supra-pubic opera-

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fact, sufficiently familiar to us since 1888, has been a source of surprise to

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after the inflammation has progressed so far that to

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chlorid in broth on the growth of the different strains of pneumococci

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phones, , 10 ' 14 Arcade ' Medical Arte Building HOUR3:

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right side was strangulated, irreducible, and the symptoms urgent. He was

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may not at all interfere with the general health ; and a person hav-

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In experiment 13 the host was one of those animals which for some

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the only key to the LuUian writings, as well as a due

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into action the dormant enemy within the bosom of this ill-fated city.

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will be equal to that done in raising the above quantity of blood to a

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colour, are soft in the centre and equal, with many

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the abdominal walls, of the extremities, the eye, the ear, the larynx

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neering and divinity. All of these are necessary aspects of your concern; and one of our major preoccu-

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