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that the City officials were not sufficiently aware

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sound was harsh and sijstolic. On the 25th, she desired

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quart, and set it to stand, but there was no cream worth mentioning.

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there was general anasarca and enlarged liver. In this case,

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or more to about 15 per cent, by the use of the serum furnished

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of this deformity is seldom a matter of difficulty.

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of Madame Frain's mixture, and it is to be feared that the

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According to Pierret, " the prime cause of locomotor ataxy is said to

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and treatment which the above facts naturally suggest. This I hope to do

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available, but as the course and duration of the disease in

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other members of the Staff of the London Hospital for permission to

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this agent had instantly arrested the flow of blood

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and thereby, reducing the vis vitcB of the system generally.

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viii, 77-84.— Siirensen (W.) Are the extrinsic muscles

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in regard to supplies of fresh air. In comparing, for instance, the inhabit-

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We have often wondered that so little attention has been paid to this com-

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mothers are being taught what is proper and what is not

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him for herbs and other things. Used his skill often in France,

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Fourth Deceunial Eevision. By authority of the National Convention

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questing benefits under the disability provisions of

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of a dirty white or nearly grayish color. I believe the

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ceased's own love for statements limited strictly to truth

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galvanising the contracting muscles and faradising their opponents.

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proportion of cases Avhere cancer has l^een the cause of death, cre-

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maintained by careful treatment. A few weeks of acute

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nearly four drachms of the drug daily, her hands, arms,

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Regarded from a purely anatomic standpoint, smallpox and measles

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the condition cleared up rapidly in all of the patients.

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or detrimental ? It seems to me that personal justice

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csiTTy a handicap through life and we do not know what degree of

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mended in gangrene. And in tubercular consumption and other

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perforante y algunas cousider ai iones .sobre lesiones tr6ti-

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