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Feculent — Foul or turbid from dregs or sediment.

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all the professional duties of commissioned surgeons, and

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tobacco has a special affinity for the nerves going to the

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of the vessel and down the centre ; depending on the width

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to the blood itself. It is a very complex fluid, and all of its constituents

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sacrificing devotion to duty, and to the great affection and regard

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above data of the indications of the amount of CO2 each

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in German as " Tempelschlaf ," i.e., Temple-sleep —

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to have no regular time for refreshment and sleep ; that

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gluteal abscess was followed by signs of pleural effusion and

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necessary should be differentiated from each other and from other morbid con-

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surgical team. Each is assigned patients to evaluate preoperatively, to accompany to the

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or the sebaceous glands. The indi\'idual cells of this infiltration vary from

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is changed into a diffuse white haze ia passing over any

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Physician wanted for San Francisco location. Full-time,

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The common, stagnated pond-water, which many poor creatures

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shock cases. All crispness in reaction has disappeared, and

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Apomorphia, hydrochlorate of, in treatment of hyper-

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continued and followed by slight improvement. The dog is re-

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of the lesion may still be diBastrous, since six weeks before the patient

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into the cerebral circulation.t Dr. Pereira thinks that when

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an exacerbation of symptoms of hyperthyroidism, including thyroid storm. This is another

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degrees of the Doctor of Medicine (School of Medicine) and the Doctor of Philosophy (Graduate

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her diet has been good, her home healthy, and she has not suf-

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social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists,