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which we liear so much in great teachers in every line.

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logical state, but is of the same order — and it is not possible before-

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tombstones that have marked the termination of an otherwise suc-

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of this work, and on the other hand I am equally certain that this

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are possibly ascribable to milk. The danger is no doubt diminished fiom

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some six or sevens but commonly vj'tth all three days P

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statistics, facts and figures, the public is not alarmed. The inter-

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Report of a Case of Foxtail Infection. By R. C. Chamberlain,

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causes mentioned, nearly one-tenth of the troops, I think,

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return of it at the end of six weeks, during which time the patient had been

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Generally, this drug is not proposed for use in females and certainly

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parasites. During the next five days, in spite of the energetic use

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bre^hed very diort, and grew worse; the other doctor

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that cannot be accounted for, and the conclusion is thereby

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I again saw the patient at this time (July, 1881) and Dr.

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wrapped in a sterile sheet he received 500 units of antitetanic

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same treatment and also to make large incisions in order that the wound may be

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viously made, to the effect that the alveolar C0 2 tension remains constant

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Treatment. Tap the tumor with an instrument called a

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respiration, dying ten weeks after the first onset of symptoms. The

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pressure. As anticipated, when these polypeptides were ad-

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tissue, and the purse-string suture is used to bring the parts

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tory objective data in the home setting in the differentiation

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much force to cut through the skull, and such weakening

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of the apices may be of a syphilitic nature, and the affection

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