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The quantity which could be reckoned as fluid nourishment,

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Respiratory System. — The thorax presented a slight bulging in

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3,700 per 100,000 population, where non-British ancestry predom-

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*9:37K.f. Fasti Aberdonenses, selections from the records of

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have great healing properties. It comes up through the

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If ground rice or rice flour is used, it should be mixed with cold water

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Zone, we are constantly confronted by this situation. "Not only

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The past seven years' experience proves this view to have been

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9. Wright J: Poverty, homelessness, health, nutrition, and children, In Kryder-Coe

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Treatment of Disease in Children, including the outlines of

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The apparatus consists of a canvas sling, hung with a semi-cir-

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midsternum ; the left border was just outside the mammary line,

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change of receptacles at frequent, regular intervals, if satisfac-

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Clinical Instructor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Univer

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day she would not have any breakfast. The patient gave us no inti-

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exhibits the same tendency as in man to multiply itself in different

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blood corpuscles, or smaller .than these, inclosed in a fine reticulated network.

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figure was read off directly from the slide rule. Numerous

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With the abatement of the blizzard, the peep of the crocus, and

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