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him. He presented a very peculiar and tortured picture with his

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often the case in the new-born. Burckhardt vaccinated eight infants whose

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value of Comparative Pathology, or realised more fully the

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mission both in England and Ireland, the conclusion was arrived at

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leg and thigh — the leg-pad being made thicker be-

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hands and he is asked to identify it, it may be seen that he handles it and

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best way of doing this is by a course of discipline. Those articles of

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the disagreeable interruptions encountered in its accomplish-

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norance, jealousy or envy of my great success on the

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also be exerted through the nutrition of the already

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Statistics are said to show that young men do not, on the aver-

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Perfection, of course, does not .exist on earth, but men

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very great tympany. The remedy he recommends — belladonna — which

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great caution in watchincr the symptoms while the patient is narcotized. A

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were recorded thirty-seven cases of fibroid heart, in which

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The practical deduction to be drawn firom these facts is

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of Beck's paste. Of these two planes, the first, or musculo-aponeurotic plane,

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benzamine should be instituted and intravascular volume

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fundamental change in the organisation of the Medical Service — to

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of the complications and sequelae of epidemic ence-

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possible, for those who are situated as mothers generally are, to under-

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In every case where difficulty in deglutition and dyspnoea are simultaneously

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and beginning to break down on apex. Assisted by my friend

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Goodall, Alex., Gulland, G. L., and Paton, D. N. Digestion leucocyto-

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thatched huts, badly ventilated, with the natural soil

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not be supposed, however, that aneurysms of this size are common causes

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In the draft curriculum prepared by the Club, each subject or

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of the salt in a quart of rainwater. They will also be stronger if low

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who is bent upon ridding the town of the diseases which

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mean thermometer and rain-fall for the year 1873. These

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The Causation of the Pain in Chronic Ulcer. — The pain of gastric