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Signs of Jnver$ion of Long Standing, — The signs of recent complete

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ruffled and disordered ; the tongue is very dry ; the

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At all events, iodine makes its appearance very soon in the saliva

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ease did not recur in the breast, but seemed to have appeare^l

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lips are drawn in all directions ; while the integuments of the head

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pharmacist has enablt (I him to f^ive most useful rules

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abundant food, opiates very freely, the actual cautery

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malign tendency, from wliich there is no escape? and thaten-

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presence of a certain amount of epinephrine in the blood is necessary for

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erated physically by the vices, follies and extravagances of a

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neighboring normal gyri, the appearance is very striking

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the present law, I need not mention them here, except to remark

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toms, except slight pain, and the gradual growth of

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Thisopinion got the jioor little fellow into bad grace, and,but

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Their occurrence, especially on the face and back, is doubtless due to the

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legs subsides, not to reappear again ; but the urine remains albu-

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tinct as the scenes themselves. Midway Plaisance Pictured in All its Glory.

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ob.stinate constipation oV)tain, which are not unusual

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tnent. If the cause be cold, and the excrements white, give

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obstruction of the excretory bile ducts, since there was no icterus.

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to what I can only consider an entirely mistaken idea as to its diffi-

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bodies and of all lacerated tissues (debridement, epluchage,

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and equally so is the mode of employing them during the first year of

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convict population, or a portion of it, is active, the

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place there is an exaggerated manifestation of the same