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After entering the service one of these medical officers is sent to sea

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" It is found to be, upon the whole, more fatal in healthy than in unhealthy dis-

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of this kind is not within the acceptation of acknowfedged psycho-

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should place very little reliance upon the statements

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aneurysmal disease of arteries. We see this strikingly brought

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tions ; and that when a small quantity is applied as an impal-

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believe in the routine early operation. He lays down the law

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1. Franois Bacon, New Haven, on the " Variableness o

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Dr. Hamilton, Mr. Archibald Taylor and Dr. James Kennedy — who were in the

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Berlin. In thirty, the affection was monoarticular ; in the others, several

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> long time ere one can be found to fill the place once occu-

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In the evening and on the following days a fresh application

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infected. Lastly, the sputum is a preventible source of infection. No

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18th, when signs of incipient phthisis were noticed

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pearance, which increases with the disease ; the evacu-

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these, however, persistence and repetition were successful, and that a com-

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a frequent cause of carbohydruria. This is frequently aggra-

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for the Royal Commission on Vaccination 1896 ; and reference is frequently made to the

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this theory. One day, he relates, some bottles of wine were sent

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The Administrative Control of Smallpox: How to Prevent

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long-continued exhibition of small doses of Sulphur given in the

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workers are brought together, as in the mines of South Africa, renders

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use to give the patient methyleue blue and see if the fluid

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found contiguous to the silicious stratum, and which pos-