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through it, the stratum griseum thus reaching the external surface

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from being shoved off the end. The front end has two

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canal being opened through the lung by a projectile pass-

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verse direction. The artery is then to be traced inwards, and the adjacent

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tibility to many diseases due to a combination of im-

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a generation now nearly gone by. A London physician

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In small-pox the initial symptoms are marked, and there is high

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The progress of the case may be briefly given thus : — First

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Mr. C. observes that the error, if there be any, lies in th» last word of the

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the virus. There is no convincing reason for looking upon them as indicating

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As a general rule the best vision is only obtained with sphero-cylindrical lenses,

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settled with a foreign population, and owing to an eagerness to get the

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which has no allusion to antitoxin treatment of diph-

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however, to which I wish to refer here, but to that known

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The physiologic compensation of the digestive tract is amazing. At

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organs of one species could metamorphose on the body of another

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that it is to be regarded, at least in some cases, as an acute infectious

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injections of this kind. Weil had had no cases of hemolysis as far as he

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of the principle of vegetation, the excess abounds and escapes in a

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in the Lancet, and thought this was so curious that he

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Apparatus, steam sterilising: For instruments and dressings (Fig.

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Training m Medical Organization. — The students of the University

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times daily. He prefers resorcin to cocaine. — Central-

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over three months. At the expiration of that time it seemed next

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will decline, and the other is, death. And this is where

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of the hair are to have one-half per cent, of napthol in spirit

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cided influence in preserving life after severe haemor-

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method from these various drawbacks, which depend unquestion-