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transudates,' &c. The third part, of about 200 pages, entitled "Symptoms and Signs,"

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found. The latter case was carefully investigated by Rindfliesch,

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the circumstantia and modificantia, with such invariably identical results, that any

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her serum that the patient had absorbed a considerable

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Hippocrates, Pindar, Thales, Virgil, Pliny, Galen, Charlemagne,

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the cyst, or grave obstruction due to the presence of the cyst.

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an average mortality of 17^ per centum of the cases.

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without causing depression like opium." To quiet the nervous excite-

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three and one-half inches. The corpus uteri was felt

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hearing, but Professor M. warned him that the improvement

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mncus, which contained desquamated epitlielium and bacteria. The

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cation of typhoid fever, two views may be advanced :

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455.” We can look at our body as a machine, or we can

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portion as the surface tension is increased in the capillaries.

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mixture, given occasionally in the food, will prevent the germi-

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blood in this is not so free as in the right. Thrombo-

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Gangolphe {Lyon Med., No. 27, 1890) strongly urges the employment of

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lying-in woman. I know artificial foods will serve the purpose

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Classified advertising — ten cents a word; minimum charge, $2.00. Remittance should ac-

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He died in Minneapolis, September 6, 1949. Of his early

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he^ht of happiness^ grew exceeding rich, and beautified their countary, a truth we must

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nut or hen's egg. These were covered with well-formed hairs, and upon section

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everywhere tender on pressure, or even to the slightest touch. Duloess on

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No. 40. — 1. The occurrence of a proliferating cestode larva {Sparganum proliferum)

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base, and, in order to remove it, a double-armed ligature must be

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consultations on a case of calculus is still preserved in the margin of a

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Two Princess Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, at least six weeks before you move.

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Dec. 2nd. During the past night, after sleeping, she