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changes as any other kind of obstruction, so that when in a general

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suffers from only a slight increase of sugar in the urine after the in-

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termed an aneurysmal varix. These aneurysms are often the residt

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mental disease most amenable to treatment, and full of

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artery or similar means of shutting off its arterial supply. Cramp

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injurious ingredients." For the full attainment of that object

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cephalalgia of syphilitic origin, or from some other cause of pachy-

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of the medical profession in foreign countries who have re-

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Melton Mowbray on May 3rd to be delivered at Harrow

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were placed temporarily at the disposal of the Chief Commissioner of the

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his pronoims and also his verbs, but not yet his nouns. Then, showing

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tensive gangrene of the back and the buttocks, following malignant

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Otherwise, enlargement of the veins has a local origin and may be of

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as tabes and general paralysis of the insane, cerebral syphilis may

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confusion, however, died hard, for after I left the New York Quarantine,

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opinion in this country has been t'lereby greatly prejudiced

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their attention to saving the joinery shop. On to this they

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sess a more certain intestinal antiseptic than a mercurial cathartic,

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of ten days previously without reducing the fever. The treatment was

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hard, and the difficulty is to determine accurately what is nerve-matter

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prisoner shall have the option of paying a fine or giving a

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coming from the spinal cord, which make the heart beat more rapidly,


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this would be an unnecessarily severe measure, and that

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gelatin an excellent remedy, employing i, 2, or even 3 oz. of a 5 to 10

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There is not a single record of dislocation of the vitreous from

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volunteered the statement that "hundreds of people had

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for her {remedy')." Much the same forinulte are found a

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degree of fever, with very pronounced pain, limited to the distribution

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