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presented only one-half the usual attachment of the aorta.
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quired sterility. Dr. Graily Hewitt, from 1865 to 1869, treated 296 women for
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the pulmonary veins ; this pressure in the pulmonary veins spends
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but moved with a definite velocity. He is sometimes
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fidence in the i^reservative means against infection; I see no ne-
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ished work, suggestions for teachers or for Medical Inspectors at their
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eyes for the examination of the interior of the eye of
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could govern a nation better than he could govern himself.
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Pte. W., aged 22, was wounded over the right occipital region on
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vigorating not only the health but the love-faculties. As shown in the
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not space to dwell upon this portion of the work, but
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science has been from the early days of schools well acknowledged
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introduced, and that without any influence on the intussus-
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kept widely dilated from an early period, and to the free use of powerful tonics
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use are, that the root when fresh gathered should be at
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the antrum and canal would usually require consider-
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AT ONCE, as the supply is limited, and those appls^ing will he sup-
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The rheumatic ailment of the patient, the more or less distant
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contain amino-acids and that they increase markedly during digestion.
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One of the present writers'^ stated in a preHminary paper tliat he
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view ? Will you be enticed by the sweet rest, to be con-
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enzymes, including proteases and glycosidases . 16 18 Dif-
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animal in any public or private place where horses are usually sold ; or
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is easily soluble in solution of potash, it is with difficulty, and only in
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slender bacilli and streptococci. Gas bacilli and streptococci were found
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panied with much groaning and agony. He was still conscious, and com-
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thirty days, making ninety-nine pounds, six and one-half
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American College of Chest Physicians, the following
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Arden S. Turner, M.D., Associate in Gastro-Enterology.
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the night-time, corresponding to the course of things
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bly, I thought a few recollections of some of the older apothe-
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than the ordinary hard tumor. Some that I have removed have
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metabolism 20 to 30 per cent., and it is doubtful if his basal metabolism
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