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Teackle a committee of five was appointed to examine

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association with other diseases may be grouped in the

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character which make for constructive ends. Progress

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where they are and those that recover subsequently kept

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their home. The welfare of patients who have been under treatment is a

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During the outbreak of foot and mouth disease the manufacture

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never be easy and graceful and if the hind legs are

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twice seen similar small spots of ossification in the

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catgut is neutralised to a very great extent by chromicising

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Neither liberty nor life are so dear to me as the peace of

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unite with other similar nuclear forming material and become gravel or stone

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the matter of ingress and egress and remembers that expansion of

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currence of the attacks since by cutting down with a simple lancet over

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ery of such a large number of tuberculous animals in herds that

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patient s temperature see chart uidicated a mild infection. Two days

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making the best possible use of its new found wealth. While

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The writer of this paper trusts he has been able to interest the

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mortality. The germ is a bacillus viable out of the body

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Precisely analogous results are obtained in similar tests with normal

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Meetings. Annual second Tuesday in May semi annual second Tues

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rectum and anus Are not these diseases equally as impor

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the patient shows no trace of disease or other sign by which

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which the art is the temporary expression. He reveres the great

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petroleum have been used eflfectively as prophylactics

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the neck The question is here strictly limited to cases in

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the bulbar symptoms to disease of the nuclei of the cra

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spleen and lymph glands of many cases of leukaemia suggest that hsemolysis

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found abundantly either singly or united in chains or

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quantity of pus was evacuated from the orbit. It was found that the

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to give it better direction Both of these unhappy people

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February to c.c and in the period after treatment from

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content and the rate of reduction since the first part of the milk

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hypochondria. At the apex of the heart a long blowing murmur synchronous with

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specially subject to them. And it is after ttie raios in

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are absent or very slight. Relapses are certainly much rarer than

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It is contemplated to add the rudiments of Latin in the near future.

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