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Vaccines and Anti-Sera." They first treated their cases with vaccines,

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some time ago the occasion of observing a young pregnant

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cleanliness and action of the skin, I think it is very probable that

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department by hospital visits and other exercises. Stu-

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earn his bread by the sweat of his brow, and after he is born

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Sanitation of Rural Residences and Institutions — Professor P Gillespie,

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wanted. In the civil Continental hospitals the half- worn-out bed-

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by a roller or blanket fastening than one with plenty of

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to see that the colt has not been castrated before, when you are asked to

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the experiments were performed upon the former, and unless other-

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Sferra, George. Clinical Instructor in Surgery (Dental and

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when the weather permits. Inspired by the therapy dogs that

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during the last nine years, five cases of fetid empyema, in

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cannot possibly ensue, and in the cases mentioned in which this method

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amount of daily ploughing is one acre in 9 hours, and this

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births in the hosjiital, and among these six cases of

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ficial serum we're ordered daily. Twenty-four hours after the

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chorea, of tetanus, and of hysteria. Now, be these essential conditions what

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Ohio Vols., to enable him to attend the Legtslatiire of Ohio, of which bo

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which belong to the gender Pasteurella^ and which present all

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and therefore not objectionable in the proportion left by Uie process. Whilst the

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occurs because of this development. In the individual case, however,

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tissue increases slowly, and up to a certain limit pro-

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stage. In severe attacks the organ not infrequently becomes affected

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estimations of the diastatic activity in the feces in two cases of acute

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and whose name is so honourably a.ssociated with the subject

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If the remedy is withdrawn as soon as puffiness is seen

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head — amounts to 748 gallons a year, or two gallons per

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increases. Presently, however, we will find the true blood corpuscles at-

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still. Iii its treatment, although anti-syphilitic reme-

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centimetres behind the glass plate are stretched two more cross wires

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difficult to prove ; but at the end of the disease when the patient is

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contradict the view held by some that part of the fat which can not be

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acid to litmus. Free IICl absent ; total acidity, 0.0.")1 1

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with in the Hmbs on the same side as the cerebellar lesion several explana-

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that either Dr. Emmet had not made himself perfectly under-