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too gross, too imulerpiate, and W(! venture to predif:t

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orrhoids have, after a few months, entirely disappeared.

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Addendum io Drs. Molson and Gordon's Case Report, page 504.

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other quotation. Dr. Ellis states his conclusions in regard to tubercle

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result in severe ileal stasis and consequent intestinal intoxication,

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fifteen units from an accredited high school for its matriculants.

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Illustration Sheet No. 7 shows a typical system as used in connection

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(Figs. 8, 9, 10, 11). Every member has an intense tuberculin reac-

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the varying grades of inflammation of the seminal vesicles present to the

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MM. Ballet and Marie, who published an interesting article

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alxxit and tried various tecliiiii|iies, .tiid t'oiiiid that

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Dr. MacLeod said that he did not consider that the cultures shovm were

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different characters. The accompanying dams of course cause the

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but when Messrs. Parke, Davis & Co. modify my formula, refuse to tell me in what the modification consists,

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set, the patient seldom seeking medical advice till,

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He published 20 cases of furunculosis, sycosis, acne, most of a severe and

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than that of stables, for the reason that the place is in

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acid as above prescribed, and of this number but eight died,

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epinephrine in similar dosage produces constriction. Of course in show-

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ture, the ends being brought out at the lower angle of the wound

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strictly supervised, as these are, so far, considered the

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laryngeal palsy, with a lesion in this neighborhood ; but

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Connecticut Medical Society, was held in the Medical College in the

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example, the surgical treatment of which would result in the loss of

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stretching. It would be unreasonable to expect imperfectly repaired crucials to

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tonsils may be enlarged, and in hsemorrhagic cases purple hsemon'hages

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drawn in this way was about forty, two or three coming away at a time,

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days later became dull, elevated temperature, cough

feminine bloating

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importance in the theory of the instrument, and it may be well to

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after the use of oysters, which, from some peculiar condition, seems to

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must be burned. Blood or other fluid elements from the diseased

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on the rude stoppage of a diarrhoea by astringents. Thirdly, its astringent

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