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today believes that influenza is ever the sole cause of general paresis.
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pulmonary apoplexy, death at the age of twenty-one years.
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county, stated that all the fruit trees planted in that section
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success has finally been obtained as the fruit of surgical inge-
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According to Dr. Bozeman, Dr. Mettauer, otherwise known by numer-
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Nothing is rarer than to meet with consumption among workmen
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1896,) observes that the disproportion between the cerebral symptoms in
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Pinel) or etiology (Moreau), and impresses hb auditors with the
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out or cut out of the tissues. Jaslow 3 reported en-
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details are referred to the voluminous evidence placed before the
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Intestine : Sections of the ulcer show that the ul-
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It was then voted that the Treasurer be the treasurer of the Library
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a new and unknown science may be accounted for in various ways.
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constantly worn about the individual. Dr. Hyde* quotes
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found fungosities of the uterus, which he removed by the
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in a wakeful horror of some dreaded misfortune or death. Previous to this illness her weight had
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healthy granulations are developed. In using carbolic acid it is necessary to
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^* Grassi, B., Die Malaria, Studien eines Zaologen, Jciia, 2nd edition, 1901 , Figs.
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rious systems are treated separately in regard to sur-
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colorless plates. A suspension in dilute hydrochloric acid yields a
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Acetonitrile, 5.87 mgms., l. e., 0.38 mgm. per gm. mouse. Died 2{ hours.
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with the B. typhosus and streptococci have been reported, both typhoid
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peratures ; the cases having all been infected about the same
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Mnllleilbergia glomerata, Trin. Unifl. 191 (1824). M, rcuemosa,
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