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as tumefactions on the forehead which were sore to the touch.
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patient employed her spare time in playfully pulling the corners
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discharged through the wall of the intestine or through the liver. Most of
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while they are unlike in all other directions — as in the majority of leaves, in many
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no effect on this burning, although it produced sleep, which
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prov. ; Hon. Mem. Obstet. Soc. of Bos. ; Hon. Mem. Conn. Med.
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early changes consist in a heaping up of cells of the
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before because of the gradually rising C H of the blood itself. The essen-
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those who have limited opportunity for the examination of diphtheria
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brane be unfortunately ruptured, this is generally followed by suppuration in
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staining, frequent vacuolization and other evidences of degeneration.
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not entirely abolished. Again, he finds that serum at 100°, and at the ordinary pres-
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suppuration of the buboes is not always prevented ; but it does not last
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By some such plan there would result to the future practi-
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the value of the information thus obtained by some practitioners as a
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2. In a properly constructed bath there is a place where
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has sometimes a very favorable effect in cases of phthisis, al-
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iron barrels and wooden stocks of the fire-arms in their hands, the
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The quantities of oxygen which a whale and a carrier's horse
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secured by ligature, the better. When once secondary haemor-
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is impossible for the reflex and sympathetic actions to be produced,
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of cardiac cachexia with general infiltration of serous
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written in simple terms and is intended for use by coaches, swinomers and