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however, I must not speak too exclusively from my own
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the femoral vein in the conventional inguinal ligament
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below which the tent is suspended by a ridge-rope, so as to give an airspace
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certain and effective panacea. Neurectomy, in case of tetanus
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marked varicosities, which in 6 extended to the epigastrium. In 2 patients
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Opinion. — "Your lungs are in good working order ;
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iments he recently made to test their value in filtra-
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concludes that the loss of power was not due merely to giddiness,
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Associated lesions of generalised tuberculous meningitis. — In a
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tricular opening a " tricuspid " valve existed, with at any rate two
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in the cerebro-spinal gangUa and the wall of the neural tube and
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several well-marked cases among 'country bom' blacks,
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principle — the perfection of purity-drug quality.
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Dr. R. P. Howard said he had three cases of Locomotor
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exclusive of deaths of persons admitted into public institutions
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the skull ; or, in children, either a distinct local bulging, or a thinning, so
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Consider a few features of The Western Journal of Medicine:
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bronchitis with emphysema, asthma, chronic interstitial pneumonia, and
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fully passed the examination of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edin.
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