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used in dissection, and request an assistant to place a ligature-
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the almost constant result of these carefully varied experiments
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This post is situated near the Chattahoochee, about teti miles b^low
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at birth, Meige lays stress upon its appearing at puberty," while
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was known to cast a shadow, it was the first choice. Preliminary
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tract at once? And if the pulmonary vein carry spirits one way and
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better for this method, but it is especially desirable in
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may be headache or facial neuralgia. These foreign bodies should be
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which he has used this agent against supposed attacks of typhoid
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matrix resolution
Figs. 412 and 413. — Method of suture of a wound in the pancreas. Two or three deep
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♦Charles R. Jackson, 68 W. Ninety-third street, New York City.
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oil, with buttermilk applied with a feather, with brewer's yeast, and with
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The cost of the export inspection and the Texas fever work, which
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change of life is that many diseases are cured or disappear in conse-
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crowded hospitals, with ill-ventilated rooms, in which it spread
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disturbed in some instances, and the lancinating pains which
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be particularly greedy of amino acids, which, however, must Rapidly be-
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tending to the belief that the solution has some effect on the pneumococcus.
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Mr. H. C Johnson, Dr. H. Bergh, Dr. Thomas Rundel, Mr. E.
"faith cure" by Luke, the" beloved physician." ^ It is more
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nize the active principle of strophanthus and give appropriate tests for its
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orrhagic exanthemata, and alcoholism; purulent in sepsis,
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important, especially as military necessity may require a
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Other authorities and arguments might be adduced to show the
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the continental literature, had never heard of Semmelweis at this
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Presstue of nerves. — Neuralgia is often the consequence of the
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Sobel, Lawrence Jay. Clinical Assistant Professor of