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Published by the Association under the direction of its Editing and Publishing Committer
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duties of a housemaid, obtaining considerable out-door exercise.
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methyl orange. When HC1 globulin is precipitated by a salt this indicator shows
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"irritable heart," in hyperthyroidism and in normal men; Edna H.
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ment of the tibia on to the femur. Then, again, in many
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ingham, M.D.V., of the Bacteriological Laboratory, Harvard
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it is shown by a fairly level line — the systolic "plateau." In
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restraint must be used unless the difficulties be exceptionally great, or
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As to vegetables, tomatoes, peas, squash, asparagus, green corn,
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of latrines, urine cans, garbage and refuse disposal, and the care of
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4. Preventive treatment, i. e., treatment of the wound in
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times indoors, the colonies of spore-bearing bacilli have been
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credited by both the unprofessional and the professional; yet its
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^ "Lectures on Surgical Pathology," 1853, vol. ii. p. 337.
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find a ready exit, and if this should not succeed, that the
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lining but with Tariabl&«haped cells irregularly distributed in layers.
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she was being suffocated. She died at 7.45 A.M. and during the last few
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(Vide Neio Sydenham Soc. Retrospect, 1867-8, pp. 415, 416.)
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takes it for an "abrasion, a scratch, an insignificant trifle." Con-
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affected muscles were seen to contract, but no movements resulted,
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9 and 10. What would be your method of bringing the soft,
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a suitable number of controls receiving the same treatment minus the
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few] <Bull. Soc. centr. de med. vet., Par., v. 58, 29 few, p. 112. [W a .]
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or (3). One drop of 1 per cent, solution was also without effect, but two