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Sensation. — Tactile sensation is perfect all over the body,
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ess. At present, while the etiology of diabetes is believed by most
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monition of diarrhea, summer complaint, dysentery, or cholera. There should be
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those who passed the Primary and Pinal Examinations respect-
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•5906 m. Great Britain. Museums association. Reports of
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Physiology in the Vienna University. Sixteen years ago he
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tact: Jacqueline Shiller, PO Box 84296, San Diego 92138. (619) 223-
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tion. 10. When a surgical operation upon a pregnant
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There should be a law forbidding children under 15 years of a<:^e to work in
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Devergie and Besnier, lichen ruber acuminatus of Hebra or Kaposi, and lichen
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