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a case called "nervous" go from one doctor to another, given a
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'O God of nations, send kind death to thy poor soldiers and sailors left
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onary was normal. In your examination, then, bear in mind this
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amalgamation of the already existing hospitals, a large and vigorous
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At this point we would emphasize the fact that the respective
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that in our own country alone no less than twenty millions of
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Practically it has led, among others, to the following hints for
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And certainly tjiere is no more practical topic than that of dietetics, coming
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instead of the customary one. An extra supply of food is needed,
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mistakes, its failures, by just so much reflects upon and influ-
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underneath the attachment of the tube. The round ligament was
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Books for review, exchanges and contributions— the latter to be contributed to the Gazette
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general use ; and it gives a number of doctors who have modified and approved of that.
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gas; somewhat delirious. The day following a consultation was
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you vote against him, he feels very much annoyed, and he will accuse, perhaps not you, but
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ness and tingling in the hands and arms. Since the anaemia satis-
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Other preparations have been advised and used for uncin-
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The following notice has just been received from the American Red
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to the end, were not adequately accounted for in coarse focal
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possible, and to practice the same habit themselves. This, of course
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believed that pernicious anaemia could be cured. I want you to recall one
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In these cases usually they are so far advanced that they do
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The work will differ somewhat from that followed elsewhere be-
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The Registrar — Yes, I would have to have it at once. I have a great many changes
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place of attack, signs of involvement of the cranial nerves ap-
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consent of the various Provinces to a change in the British North America Act. Under
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We learn that the Maryland Homoeopathic Hospital is about to estab-
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professorship in Materia Medica, Boston University, as successor to Dr.
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gastritis; decubitus of buttocks, trochanters and left interior malleolus;
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B. Saunders Co. The. names of these authors is sufficient warrant
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The formal exercises of the Valedictory and Faculty Reception to the
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Industrial School for Crippled and Deformed Children, and the House of
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an unusually gifted linguist, translating with freedom from sight dif-
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benefit. Then the whole picture became suddenly intensified and
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with women who are about to become mothers. Among the
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Of the Massachusetts General Hospital, so important and old, it is
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England Medicial Gazette, 80 East Concord Street, Boston. Subscriptions and all com-
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hydrophobia to a Pasteur Institute (in many instances located in a far