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that the passage of an armed probang into the larynx of the adult can

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first and most important step in a stamping-out system— depended

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Dubuque ; A. Kaderbek, Ft. Dodge ; J. J. Richardson, Marcus ;

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one death is reported among 361 cases of pleuritis and pneumonia, that a gre^t majority

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vided for by the fifth pair. This idea influenced his

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donor, wliose cells showed only a slight degree of agglutination with

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tion to the day of delivery, she was 205 days pregnant. Now this,

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the point of section. Rarely there are tonic or even clonic

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like— or diuretic, which may be pumpkin seeds or parsely roots.

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Here youliave, in these test-tubes, various specimens of blood, which

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As the fattening process under the mixture goes on, one

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plains why calcified arteries do not rupture ao frequently as mi^t

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Green spoke in high terms of this new instrument, and

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musk and champagne, is hot grog ; from one to two parts of cognac or rum, or

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is hemorrhage present, it must be arrested. If from an artery,

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Manmialia. The Rodentia were represented by the rat, rabbit


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wounded men, where the decomposition of pus and other

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abscess formation, etc., we must assume that fibroid induration has begun.

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. . . A veiT interesting question is raised by Stromeyer in respect of am-

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beforehand. No differences were detected in screening by provider characteristics. We conclude that

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Alabama several very valuable papers were read by Drs. Reese,

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