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had to be moved first to boats and then to the ship.
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ances, led us to believe that the condition in all probability was
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the cyst is suppurating. According to Deve this explains the rarity
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and speech were affected much as in the other cases described. The right
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during the day. During the previous twenty-four hours only
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ankylosis enforces the permanence of these deformities.
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Societe de Dermatologie et Syphiligraphie on May 14th [Semaine
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below the bottom of the trench. There were entrance and
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with headache, the lochia have been normal, though irritating
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maximum recommended human dose. In pregnant monkeys, doses 2/3 and twice the msiximum
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incurved lip to the top plate to conceal food and harbour
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that it infinitely excels all religions and civilizations
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Capillary Ectasis. — Andral, Precis d'anat. path., 1829. — Basse, Anatomische
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perusal of various reports of cases, that this affection
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of extraction of cataract without iridectomy have been pro-
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affections. Some pathologists objected altogether to the division of the symp-
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to a large extent a result of attempting to train too rapidly. It
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letters of appreciation for their work during the influenza epidemic, and
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matter of the greatest importance and considerable difficulty.
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have disappeared and the premises are ready for disinfection.
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sively adulterated in large villages and cities. A man living in the
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44. Intermittent Ophthalmia returning every seventh day. — This interesting
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quency and generally its existence should have been overlooked by previous
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For the majority of patients, therefore, treatment in
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book. His diction is always graceful and clear, and he usually
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fhould ufe to cure fo bad a diforder ; he endeavoured
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Medicine. Those who have heard Dr. Welch speak can under-
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averted, if possible. In view of all the facts, I would