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spring, has been raised by the Texas State Board of Health. These

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with its mucous glandule." The first thing which he recommends is a thorough*

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claim that it had ever suffered a fracture. It has already been

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restmg against something. This has occasioned the disease to

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Feculent — Foul or turbid from dregs or sediment.

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of them at a time, then after a few hours give a few more. Always give

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relation of good news, as well as warn us of danger through certain

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benzene, petroleum ether, chloroform, acetic acid, and pyridine.

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1 Vide "Spec. Diagnose," Leipzig, 1895, Bd. ii. S. 312.

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suppuration of the cyst, and the formation of adhesions. Prema-

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be described as a sibilns, with a metallic quality, and mififht be conveDiently

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ceeded to make a histological study of corresponding portions of

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mococci, when the drug is allowed to act on these micro-organisms in

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primavera del 1889" dal Dott. Fr. Sav. Monticelli. [Read 19. Oct.] <Biol.

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were found to be education of the miners as to the nature of

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then, like phagocytes, take up bacilli, become enlarged — with multiplica-

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sons, they did not put in their applications formally, so that

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of these vessels and what we found in this patient.

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If the existence of the disease is established, the local authority is

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But we cannot specify the many subjects for study which

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the possibility that the iron absorbed but not imme-

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heavier the infection, the more frequently it is seen. The parasites

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who had only received one dose of vaccine. One of these cases was due to

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Hippocrates, Pindar, Thales, Virgil, Pliny, Galen, Charlemagne,

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of Leeds. This had relieved him for a time. Then came a sudden

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stools varied, being sometimes perfectly normal in ap-

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extensive flaccid paralysis within two to three days.* Re-

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talis (e g , increased ventricular irritability) Hypokalemia may be avoided or treated by use

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rightly ascribable to the drug. One example was plainly chan-

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a community and handed down by educational influence from parent to child