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Adam Clark's pamphlet on "The Use and Abuse of Tobacco,"
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abuses of the practice as set forth in the body of the article are perhaps
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truss. At times, when his bowels were constipated and he strained more
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those of Herter. It will be recalled that Herter and his coworkers
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three periods. Blindness, paralysis, and insanity are
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Cod Liver Oil. — In all animals, cod liver oil increases
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as to their physical, moral and professional qualifications.
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children, knows that it is just in these cases of pneumonia of the apex that menin-
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umes having been entrusted to distinguished writers
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The difficulty is technically called presbyopia, and by some people
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hour to two or three hours, four or five drops being
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/3-Blockers have known cardioprotective effects in survivors
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by Dr. Wood. Dr. Wood told them when he left, that it must
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That disease called sleeping-sickness, so uniformly and
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the canula, then withdrawing the latter." Dr. Tarbell
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bums; they are persons who may have complex medical
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glands felt. Her appetite is good ; she eats largely. She seems
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amount of uric acid existed in the serum of that fluid. He thus inferred that the renal
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practiced at the home station for the past three years and
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anesthesia, but without permanent benefit. On admission he had
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tubercles. The tubercles are, as a rule, most numerous in the
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fluid urea nitrogen, 0.073 gm. per liter. No bile (Smith's test).
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military authorities on over seventy patients belonging to the S. A. T. C.
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of the lung substance may be destroyed, the heat of the body is usually^
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EDITORIAL NOTE. — This is the eighth paper in Dr. Williams' very interesting series of
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liver is too large to allow of the gall-bladder being
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of treatment include anorexia, agitation and psychic