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In a recent number of Merck's Archives, Dr. L. Boyer
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may be administered in doses of from one-Sixteenth to
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James H. Walsh, Massachusetts, Advertising Manager.
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bed. Inflammation started anew, and he died about mid-
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In some severe cases this may require to be repeated or
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shoulders high, thin, and running very far back ; breast
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when clotting interferes with the experiment. (From Jackson Experimental Pharmacology.)
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so that this may have been no more than one of those coincidences
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for ophthalmic cases, under the charge of Dr. Cadenhead. Four years later a fever-
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to be equally great. The sexes suffer equally. No age, however
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Staphyloma, due to dropsy of the eye, admits of but one
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these animals were treated with cultures made from the tonsils of
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varied as in nephritis. They may be so trivial as to pass unnoticed,
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summer. A melancholy interest thus attaches to the foregoing
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contained in sensible parts, and retain the body in
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show themselves without an appreciable anatomical lesion. We do not
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ance of life. We here again mix up cause and effect. Apoplexy
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nation had been made of the chest during life, for the simple
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(1) the dilator muscle of the pupils, especially after the nerve supply has
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temperature being usually a degree or two higher than the morning
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nothing original or valuable in their modes of practice, but whose
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of pain were misleading, and suggestive of cataract. It may be
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patient has been for days, so injudiciously tampering with
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foramina, the sacrum is sawn through at right angles to its long axis, until
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about government regulations, the association’s effect on
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Officially Endorsed by The Medical Society of New Jersey
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immediately seek him, he goes out into the highways and
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five patients. The technic employed was exactly that used in the
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the nerve endings in the neighbourhood of the wound take it up
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ment at the knees and hips, none of the feet ; he could feebly
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two to five days, and after a few more days the animals recovered.
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diseased, either from tuberculous deposit in it, or from a soften-
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walls of the tumour. Upon removal it was found to weigh seventy-one