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but Dr. D. was not there. We then advised Dr. B. to let the matter rest

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correspondingly scanty. The urine is of a red color, often show-

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11. Food appears between fifteen or thirty minutes after being taken

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these measures, and how much to the substitution of other mea-

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the suppliant was let down by a ladder. Once at the

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site side of the heart. An argument against this doctrine may

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occurs with saponin is similar in type, since saponins combine with

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tion, just below the margin of ribs on right side." He returned

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doubt that the affection does not arise from organic

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two years he had had attacks of nausea and vomiting lasting for from eight to

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retired list, but they will not be required to leave their stations for

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dram, distilled extract of hamamelis one-half ounce, water

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samine (subsequent to deamination) led to an optically active dicar-

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(Oesterreichische Zeitschrift fiir prakt. Heilkunde, No. 22, 1860.)

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calculi or externally from pressure, produces the same effects.

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Medical College of Memphis, Tenn. — Prof. H. R. Robards.

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bers as to attract general attention. Several physicians who had had

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of one-quarter of a gallon of gas, in a few minutes

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parenchyma. In this way the vascular network of the pleura is

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• Proven Home Health Care System developed by Custom Data Services, Inc. and Health Care Professionals

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but this may not be for very many months, perhaps for a year or more.

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1.5 per cent, of which five had been clinically di-

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Army ; Pa' rick J. McKenna, late assistant surgeon,

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about the malleoli or in the integument over the hypogastric

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their lumina empty. Sometimes their lumina are not only

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In the middle of each of these are a number of the large bodies

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This experiment supplies very strong evidence against the mechanistic