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tain, but would cheerfully relinquish, if at any time they were shown
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once removed. This includes the exclusion of alcoholic
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pride would be touched if he entered his house and found his wife with
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and the administration to animals by inhalation through the
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whom he is most willing to confide. But, as every physician relies upon the
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Larger uninuclear forms were encountered which the evidence favored inter-
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pain and the removal of disagreeable symptoms, we expected
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Freind. The History of Physick. 3d edition. London, 1726.
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^jT^HE great Mikerof the universe, that gives all creatures
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But to resume the subject of atmospheric temperature, it may be
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which might reach them or their immediate neighborhood through the circu-
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E. " The National Temperance League's Annual." By Robert Rae. London ;
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ment and spread of infectious disease, especially cholera
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It seemed to us that the following conditions should be fulfilled in
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ones along the lower eighteen inches of the ileum now bear his
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tion. In Milan there are thirty -two illegitimates out of every hundred children
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Haemorrhage from the vessels in the pia mater after removal of brain
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at first daily, subsequently twice a week, in suflficient power to produce a
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ized by convulsions and coma, indicating serious dis-
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ment has sent to Dr. Charles F. Roberts, the sanitary
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Dr. Flint has employed the method of inhalation here
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(2.) As will be seen by the family record, one, Frank
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who receive benefit in the church. As in the temples,
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Figure 3-Extrahepatic Biliary Obstruction — 3A, Cholescinti- 1
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acknowledged fact the lead of flying darts becoming so heated as
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private considerations, when standing in the way of what
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no wonder the life of a cab or small proprietor's horse is a
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is the frequent application of a hot hand, a heated
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ditional Counsellors be elected at this session from any county which has
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1 O., cloudy ; C, clear ; F., fair ; G., fog ; H., hazy ; S., smoky ; R., rain ; T., threatening ; N., snow; SI., Sleet.
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complete envelopment of the face and person disguises them effectually from
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his honesty ; had it stretched so far, would have made
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able, and must be taken into account when we seek to explain the
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