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the diagnosis is surrounded with difficulty. There is a peculiar
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foration did not occur. These experiments, however,
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the right side of her face, without any affection of that side of the
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The present method of examining students in skin diseases is
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The following specialties were represented: obstetrics
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markable clearness, renders it one of the most curious
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drying a nature that it cannot be contained in wooden
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and thigh, using the leg nearest the foot of the table,
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Within a month, D. G. P., a student of Brown University, lost his life
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nary Artery Spasm. Dosage must be adjusted to each patient :
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mine, they formed themselves into a line, those who could not swim
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re-dressings are indispensable in connexion ivith the treatment of in-
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imagined that he was always being pursued. He began to believe
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Science knows no ex cathedrd utterances, and the humblest who
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a surface like a hard road until the parts are dry. This is
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the right side, which moved about wlien it was pressed; during the last
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should be for anight only. If the stranger had property, he had his choice
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to raise the pressure of the blood within it, and how the valves operate
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See also Kelling (Arch. f. Verdauungskr., Berlin, 1896, Bd. ii.
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animals, and also the clinical histories of cases were
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surgical treatment carried out for their repair. One of the earliest of such opera-
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of prognosis in the two conditions, to decide if possible whether the case be
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connective substance. Thus, when the primitive membranous layer has undergone perfect
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The inside of the resulting cavity had a reddish-brown or black-
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doomed to failure on account of their habits, lack of will
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parietal pleura or it may be tightly adherent to it. Not infrequent
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trembling, jelly-like substance, penetrated by net-like fibres, which con-
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and being transmitted to the medulla oblongata by incident, may
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tion, with ten full compressions of the bellows, ten more