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^piniere chez une femme hysterique," Gaz. hehdom. 1865, No. 7, p. 109. — 12.
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others, the whole future state of the wounded, whether it shall be
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spleen. From 1846 to 1878 nineteen such operations were per-
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foundation in granting degrees in medicine. These were sometimes given
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of attempting these experiments, and also for his ad-
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and other acute diseases, to those of extreme neurasthenia
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sary : insomuch as the imagination of the mother works for-
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a pressure of 130 millimetres, it ran, in a full stream, from the di-
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discussed at greater length later. The usual amount of this reagent used in the
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special interest to the scrutiny of members, who are required to report thereon. We
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tumour — namely, the determination of the exact position of the tumour
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power as to produce the most violent effects on myself and others
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Necrotic areas similar to those called " buttons " may occur in various
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apparatus for the protection of the deeper air-passages. It has been shown
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intoxication might be effected. They use three substances : sheep's ovaries
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persons of infirm health are sometimes unduly anxious
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Less than half of one per cent, in the air has produced
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called into requisition at school, or when a severe
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to be discarded; but I know of no other article that
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entitled " Islington Wells, or the Threepenny Academy," indicates that
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somewhat similar to cold, called hoose. (See Bronchitis
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in the absence of unwritten cases and autopsies, are mislead-
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much better for these lightning pains than the newer
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short, accurate and carefully prepared articles on bovine tuber-
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nates for HCl, H2SO4, and phosphoric acid are approximately as 1 : 1 : 3. The ratio
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histories. In this part of the work he has borrowed freely from Dejerine,
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oooiirs in disease of the hip-joint ; in the left arm, in &ome