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Cords"; Mr. Leonard Clark, F.R.S., " On the same subject." —
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the fields or Steppe, has ever been known in a single
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districts of London, for many weeks past, the sewers
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speculum by forcing the skin and conjunctiva of the
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discussed. Further changes in the valves themselves remain to be
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good results as Dr. Bennett claims for his. Dr. Ben-
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may be secured without the action of the heart, or at least with only
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a view to renewing the grant for the further prosecu-
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food will be found to be scarcely acted upon at all.
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have been ah-eady promulgated by the Privy Council ;
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Acute endocarditis may subside and the lesions may disappear to
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Urine of the insane, 92 ; xanthin in, 90 ; alkaline fer-
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teetotallers that they do not sufficiently recognise
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sometljing of the education of a gentleman ? Had that
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especially if it have a non-suppurating surface ; but,
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diseased oxen, which had lain for months under the ! of clear apprehension, as well as for the objects of cri-
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black eschar fully the size of a crown-piece. In the
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into life and activity again, to renew then- ravages on
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gmally of constitutional nature are, I apprehend —
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be ejected by vomiting or purging, as happily often
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of opium and brandy to be given at intervals dui-inc
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After detailing at length all these facts, Dr. Miilig
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lated that indemnity should go with the signatures.
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mother including the foetus. Dreysel showed that the increase
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wines, but the thii'd, which falls in sick wines, con-
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that deposits form in wine either in consequence of
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left lateral ventricle was the seat of the aneurisms ;
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the epidemic at Alexandria, he applied to the French
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manifest for the first time only after the occurrence of some acute
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Bright's disease much more frequently causes pericarditis than
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Guy's Hospital Reports. Edited by Samuel Wilks, M.D. Third
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in such applications. Let medical officers of Poor-law
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centrally situated about one inch above the valves, I
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malady may have been so trivial — a tonsillitis for instance — as to
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WlDSESEi-i:...St. Mary's, 1 p.m.— Middlesei, 1 p.m.— University
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firm conviction that amputation, if done at this time,
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the pericardium had been subjected previously to chemical or ther-
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in this respect is, in fact, observable in different
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the last thirty years, however, its advancement in afi