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larly upon the lower portion of the intestine, in which it embarrasses
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difficulties after the war ; there may be destitution, and there
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that organ into closer proximity to the anterior ab-
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promptly had not one of the Prussian surgeons recog-
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beyond its being more extensive, interfering, perhaps, with
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I have verified by numerous autopsies. I have likewise frequently availed myself
the kidneys contained within its proper tunic, at its posterior sur-
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ictivity, for the amount of iodine present in the thyroid is to a con-
has been schooled to activity, becomes a dangerous ally to the enemy
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sitiveness is continually excited by an abnormal condition of ocular refraction,
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Cameron. — In Dublin, Ireland, on Sundaj-, February
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within the cranium. 2. If the excitability of the muscles be nearly
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where the spasmodic interruption occurs altogether behind or beyond the
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disease, even in its mildest form. This is probably the true explanation of
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change, and that very slight. The aorta was moderately thick-
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questions the existing experimental data seem to me too insufficient and
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at the end of two years developed symptoms supposed at first
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Abscesses sometimes form between the scapula and thoracic
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cian department in 27 doctor multispecialty clinic.
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tremors resembling those of cerebro-spinal sclerosis ; disturbance of co-
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the course of the disease. In our continued fevers, the pulmonary irritations
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is for our understanding of diverse streptococcus diseases in man.
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countable, polycrotons, and compressible, the rate being almost 140.
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The bowel, lacking the stimulus of the presence of the
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the home of Mrs. A. R. Reft". Particular attention was
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usually leaves any such woven substance behind in some part of
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hypnotism. Females, particalarly the young and susceptible, are the
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h. 11ie disease is more common in men than in women, in consequence of their