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or not, the points which should be borne in mind were: —

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when this practice has to be conducted on a large scale, if the

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an alterative plan of treatment, by giving one ounce of fluid ex-

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Better results were obtained by adding the antimony drop by drop

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also of muscular strain, which, I think, has produced the valvular

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soil which again disappears under the same white soil,

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accurately described aneurism and its treatment. A ligature being

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survive this tumor as well. If he does so, he may be the sole

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dage where it seemed to have begun ; for here the clot almost filled the appen-

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which might reach them or their immediate neighborhood through the circu-

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a sufficient number of n^ative examinations make it clear that some

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Where the syphilitic deposit on the walls of the heart has taken

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connection with malposition, there is one question that has always

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ficiency is not simulated frequently enough by accidental or cardio-

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tures, as was seen after incising the nerve as had been done for

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B. paratyphosus A w^as isolated from the blood on the fourth day of pyrexia

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in different degrees, as happens to the apples. I must

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effects which criminal details produce on those whose nervous systems are

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Manmialia. The Rodentia were represented by the rat, rabbit

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quantities of brandy and beef tea, a teaspoonful of each alter-

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Neurolog. Centrblt. 1887. — 21. Oppenheim. Virchow's Archiv, Bd. cvii. — 22. Pasteur.

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occupies the first three hundred pages, and the various

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Pole Creek. June 2. 1894 (No. 131); Table Mountain. June 27.

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But more important still, his moral qualities were of a high

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tilation in many industries based upon the newer knowledge will

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he proposed to publish by subscription, tbe substance of

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childhood ; she drugs it almost to death, or lets some doctor do it,

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scrotum. They are glandular organs which secrete the semen.

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or district makes inoculation universal that the mortalit;)'

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the best virus that could be obtained, selected by Mr. Bender,

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believe, in the gross total of healthy hearts only from imperfect

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the circumstantia and modificantia, with such invariably identical results, that any

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tre) and sheathed the sword of destruction, (lancet, knife

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instance, with a condenser such as the laryngoscopic mirror, or

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In the case of pills, suppositories, and troches, we direct the

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