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tion, but not to rupture the coats. The boy died tne next

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sitenk., Jena, v. 8 (16), 8. Oct., pp. 489-493, figs. a-f. [MS. dated 25. Aug.]

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limb and of the other symptoms ; the thrombus fills

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very near, the level of the dotted line, showing that

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the cornea, where the rays from the radiant fall upon the retina parallel to one another,

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identified it as Echinacea angustifolia of De Candolle. In 1886

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school of high standing, to accept the Professorship of Pathology

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right to hold them responsible for it in any sense, except that

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These four facts are only comprehensible on the assumption that

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statement stands that "the history of this disease justifies us in stating that

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The time of operation should be three months after the woimd is

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siderations will probably serve as an explanation. During

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feebleness to live up to ideals. What are the nurse's

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of one or two days. Certainly, the closer their sequence on each

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the conflicting interests of the Profession in the various parts of the

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cal bills, contracted previous to his expatriation. lie is reported to

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and acts as an analgesic and as an antispasmodic. By diminishing the irri-

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cause is found in contractions of the anterior abdominal wall, which

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Dnnstan finds that it does not possess any advantage over