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is against rather than in favor of an increase in renal efficiency from

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tion of renal fatigue, owing to the extraordinary strain placed on the

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will elicit the fact, in cases of congenital anomaly, that there has

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Englishman, abroad as well as at home, and let the starveling and the

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into the sac after abdominal section. The aneurysm became consoli-

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purposes, either to determine the seat of the pacemaker and to trace the

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ordinary palpitation is to a healthy person. The actual rate of the

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a third of the cases cited by him the urine was turbid for the greater

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The pericardial friction sound is heard usually in greatest inten-

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of pain may be abolished by the treatment, death may take place

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Double pyonephrosis; uremia; fatal; hyperpnea; phenolsul-

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again at the end of twenty-four hours, during which the samples were

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Beriberi has for years been regarded as essentially a disease of

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Grenzgeb. d. Med. u. Chir.. 1898. iii, 309. Cunningham : Jour. Exper. Med..

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may be sustained a long time by the timely use of strychnine, caf-

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pressure, which again becomes elevated on resuming natural life con-

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It is however in the study of diabetes that a knowledge of sugar

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laxis as well as the prognosis must have reference to the myocardium.

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six pellagrins with onset under the age of 10 years having suffered

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by total exclusion of all food, a complete rest can be given to the

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are extremely good in cases wherein a less energetic treatment has

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lacking. Southey devised fine silver cannulas for the purpose of

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dosis in certain cases of chronic nephritis as shown by this test has also

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readily shown that the extinction coefficient, E, is equal to — 2 log. cos.

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sarily preliminary to the thickening of the arterioles ; the heart was