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As iodoform seems to favour tubercle formation which so far as our
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opportunity for medical diagnosis and treatment to pre
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Pozzi is of opinion that this method of treatment would probably
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or two and the craving thus summarily overcome In dealing with this
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restlessness is characteristic of acute lead colic.
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By the regular malleining of such an isolated stud it
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centimetres of the distal end of the uterine canal.
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velopment of small mucous rales and cyanosis venesection is
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continues or if it make its appearance in those of advanced life and
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dead body and see what parts of it are affected in a manner
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obtained in the exposure of both sides is incalculable. The
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Sir James Paget Gintrac Chevers and many others. The first com
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is intended by the term acute spinal paralysis of adults unless pos
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epizootica foot and mouth disease came under the observation of Dr.
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mouth and throat must be rinsed with boric acid water
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We need to give only a passing glance at its history
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asserted to produce immediate and pronounced effects
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very useful purpose in preventing pressure or concussion such as might be caused
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purulent secretions rubbed up in water have been found
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mitral valve system more frequently than the aortic b The sclerotic
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or calcified foci may be noted. In these centres the filarial
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are not so simple. Salts such as sodium chloride are dissociated into their
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Claude Bernard showing a great diminution of oxygen are valueless
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ulcerated continuously until the superficial femoral artery
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or three months until nature has made several attempts to dislodge
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sary to life or which could be disturbed by the condition
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The junction between the summits of the dorsal vertebra
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those for whom prompt attention of the operating staff
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the openings in the latter into the alveolar stroma. Those
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is a steadily progressive disease one joint after another being involved and
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principal action of the interrupted current is stimula
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his home and among this number to mention only a single
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we not unfrequently find larger cells following them
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by a single injury involving both labyrinths at the same
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in the areas of surronnding necrotic issn lt tliere are many poly
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natural science to which they devoted spare hours and vaca
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the better. Sleeping out of doors on a covered balcony will also help
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plethoric on the one hand or in low condition on the other would