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credited by both the unprofessional and the professional; yet its

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Wochenschrift, 1892, No. 15. — 17. Ord, "Wallis, and Watekhousb. "Case diagnosed

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tions of great exhaustion, but which have since been

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aimless ; they steal not so much for the object stolen

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Case 14. — ^The patient gave up laborious in-door duties as a

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obstinate granular conjunctivitis, and draws the following

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Assistant Sargeon W. A. Camiichnel, 2d Ohio Vols., ten tlays.

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ferred upon the Trustees by vote of the Academy at the

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of marriages throughout Europe is, according to Von Malchus,* 4 children; and

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from human beings to animals, the conditions favoring such trans-

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infected animals should be slaughtered, under proper inspection.

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to believe that nervous subjects feign their ailments

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(1) When two electrodes are applied at different points of the au-

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you can send it back at our expense — you will be under

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to the action and value of this product. Akoutz found the powder and a

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Writers. Edited by A. Rendle Short, M.D., B.S., B.Sc,

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amined and found perfectly healthy ; and the wound was closed by silk sutures

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a more or less paralyzing influence on the heart. Hence the rule

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2. As cervical dilators ; and here I would call attention to some

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Jones, William H., Surgeon. — Detached from the " Rich-

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marked x, and the negative pressure which it indicates is- probably due

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four minutes, if the eyelids do not close of themselves, the first

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as dystrophies, it seems more likely that they are related to changes

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corrosive substance. The organ becomes inflamed; and, safe from the

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formations may take place during life in the heart, or in the arteries,

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was a single nodule similar to those in the right lobe. It

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of the spleen on the day the paroxysm was expected. After

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and in the course of a few minutes the patient may pass into a state of the

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least this much can be assumed in view of the radical

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the spleen enlarged ? No. Could there be disease of the

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The results of the experiment are summarized in Table II.

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at a gentle beat to dryness; digest in boiling alcohol,

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