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taught that it may, he has failed to state that it can
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Under appropriate management he subsequently improved, and
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cancer was very marked in this lady's case. Her father had had a
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high sums for their management of such affairs. The intended bride and
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tumours to be due to chronic fibrosis of the fat zone. The patient,
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movable. If we can effect immobilization soon enough, the swelling
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mercury. As a powder it may be sprinkled on floors,
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sults of work upon this subject. It has been stated
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Perisplenitis often accompanies chronic splenitis. It may occur inde-
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tion and plating. I am quite in accord with the views expressed by
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family for three generations, and which is reputed to be the head of Oliver
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density, and containing fibrinous casts of the kidney tubes
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Journal and F..raminer, for April, 1882. His deduc-
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Tying the Umbilical Cord. — A practical way of tying
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and fluent or small and wiry ; usually nausea and vomiting
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plethoric patients, newly arrived in the country, demand
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nor the functions of the viscerse. It is believed that this series of V**^
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years ago, to perform ovariotomy, but his health failed, and he was
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Laminitis — Sandcrack — Quarter Crack — Navicular Thritis — Stifle Out
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heels, the body is supported on the balls of the toes.
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starting in the whites of the eyes, rapidly overspread the whole
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occurs occasionally from a simple absorption into the blood-
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Charles Griffin & Co., Limited. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott
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ciently elaborated to give a fair working knowledge of varieties,
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side effects were reported after the first dose of HAV vac-
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he obtained 30 young which could reasonably be sus-
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pressor tests were repeated. The histamine test, as
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r.edical studies. In the session of 1850-51, when the late
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liminary, he will seldom complain at being obliged to
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i, hut acl indirectly on the heart, in the same way
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are unfavourable. If the temperature in the vesicular stage do not fall
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gastrium, as if dislocated from the side to the middle; it was lodged in the cen-
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not surely condemn the instrument as a plaything because
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cleaned out, the gutters swept clean, and the material re-
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lished both by clinical and experimental observations. Pyogenic cocci often