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" nize that the anatomist has furnished him with indispensable

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" Publius Renatus Yegetii f (fourth century a. d.) is noted as

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results of serum-therapy in diphtheria are attributable mainly to the large

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which takes place in any of these conditions. Similarly, an aneurysm of

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Camphene Oil Candles. By Philip Kurten, Practical Soap and Can-

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charge a shilling for each prescription in order to

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In those in which there has taken place spontaneously a partial separation,

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a highly philosophical paper, Dr Leslie Eoberts sets himself to

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patrolman about one-fourth of an inch, while the aver-

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hundred tenements. The evil of crowding numbers into small unventilated

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compression cuff should be a wide one (12 cm.), and it should never be

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overcome. It may be doubted if there is such a thing as an impassable

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establish this claim— that, just as neurasthenia saves,

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Misce, et divide in pilulas xij. A pill to be taken every hour

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Fann, by the superintendent, J. F. Lewis, September 1895.

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The carbolic acid, salicylic acid, resorcin, and camphor, should

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ing against the absorption of morbid virus, the person's arms

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as a prophylactic is the following : ( 1 ) For male adults in good

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— Special efforts are at present being made by the

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occur in cases of pneumothorax when the fistulous orifice

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ence increased and the excitability diminished ; then