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obey the call of the committee. I do so the more will-
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pulsations of the original tumour are diminished ; the patient
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Its blood may be possessed of properties which render it susceptible
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give a series of strengths up to 1 to 5000 of the bin-
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With the aid of certain allopathic aperients, the local abstraction of blood,
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senting all the appearance of gangrene, and the elbow, I think
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Some eminent authors hold that particular forms of farcy and
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led to try antipyrine in hemicrania, from the similarity
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the time is proximate when the good sense of American
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rious holiday occasions, when the system does not at all require it.
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not one new thought, but working out details from that
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three doses of chloral in as many hours ; headache no better ;
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certificate of qualification as a butcher, which certificate
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We occasionally find one large round or oval cavity, generally but not
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food material. Besides, water most easily carries the cholera germ uninjured
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termed. These are children born and bred in London, the large majority
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The first thing then to be done is to find out what will prevent the disease.
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should be given to the diet, which should be light and nutritious. Aco-
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curatives they would be good also for Lupus as a salve
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mention athetosis as a frequent complication of spastic infantile hemi-
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care cannot be taken to be sure that the selection is a wise one. Once
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Case for Diagnosis ; so-called Acne Agmiaata of Crocker. By David W.alsh,