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by the use of prophylactic injections of antitoxin. Perhaps of more
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from the diaphysis of the bone a portion several millimetres in length, and yet
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is little new in the mechanical and surgical steps to be taken, but those for
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obsolete, or at least very incomplete. We conceive ventilation
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vice in the field during Indian wars, or when left with the sick or
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door exercise as a means of health, above indoor quiet.
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may purchase medical supplies when prescribed by a medical officer.
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with the history of social development and to encourage in-
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Were there a law in force compelling physicians to write
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motic bone must be cut away, leaving only healthy bone tissue, which
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iHoc. London, 1848-50, vol. ii. p. 42 ; ibid., 1863, vol. xiv. p. 87 ; ibid., 1866, vol.
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b}' the peoj)le at large and particularly by the medical
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of Wollstein knew how to glean some hours from the restless and
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of carbonate of guaiacol three or four times in the twenty-four hours.
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of stride by the horse during the gall()[) begins with a landing
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Pediatrics. Assistant Attending Pediatrician, New York
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other organs. In such cases the pale reddish gray cortical sub-
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secretions. It was of exceedingly great efficacy in
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the remedies employed, it was deemed advisable to repeat the
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that a great deal of the bearing surface is lost ; but, more-
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ficiency is not simulated frequently enough by accidental or cardio-
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Dr. WALTER BENSEL, 282 Amsterdam Ave., New York City.
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expiration this feeling* disappeared; I seemed sinking into annihilation, and had
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of the practice of the doctors. A woman was taken in
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l>rices. Owing to peculiarly favorable facilities an^