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in men; for on the shore opposite to Long Island in 1867,

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settled with a foreign population, and owing to an eagerness to get the

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during the intervals of comfortable health, are at once absorbed in

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nineteenth century, so far as his work in the world is

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says : " One of the surest methods of destroying the life of any

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standing, of The New York State Medical Association, having been

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were changed, and the contracting cavity was washed out,

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men. According to Christison and Lecanu, the passage of the

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trophic disturbance of the skin, loss of control over the sphincters, or re-

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until calmness returns before placing the child to the breast. Under

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afterwards withdrawn. Her appetite was almost completely lost;

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of course be cases in which this may escape detection, and there

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If these people are over-solicitous as to the effect of their wakeful-

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to the outcome of an attack; however, the possibility of a second-

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Fig. 360. — Locating the cricoid cartilage. (Veau.)

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the present day. Its application in general surgery and in the surgery

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istered until all danger is past. He gives it early, in

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served to hold the lid in a position of eversion. In

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pitals of Munich, Edinburgh Medical Journal, July, 1860.)

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Because the sight is more strengthened and united, and so

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paper on this subject had come under his notice, and he congratu-

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of the mucocele in those cases in which the ostium is evidently

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