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until within the last two weeks, when there seems to have been some
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sial region and the patellae in the legs. It was noticed
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ceding director of Hansen’s Disease Research Laborato-
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Pathology. — Chorea has a clinical rather than a pathological existence, and
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ing process which will be considered in the order of their
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ance of life. We here again mix up cause and effect. Apoplexy
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Upon motion of Dr. Andrews, it was voted that the dinner hour be
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and less red and furred; the urine more abundant, less loaded with the
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be dry rales or rhonci, snoring, cooing, whistling, or creaking sounds due
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tegrity, first, on account of its life — by some "vi-
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Ullendorff, E. Catalogue of Ethiopian manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, n, Oxford, 1951.
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Using something as simple as water to clean acrylic paint-
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this permanent form will prove a valuable contribution to
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lesion can hardly be considered as playing a role in its production.
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ciated. The Sebastopol Hospital w^as«located almost under the walls
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action of the pancreatic juice and cast the first light on the nature
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The Council met on the 13th ult. and remained in session
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an insane person ; but it is rather on grounds of equity than of